The Hydrochanger is an inline catalytic water conditioner. It is neither a “water softener” nor a “water filter”. It can improve the condition of water for your entire property. The Hydrochanger Catalytic Water Conditioner is the natural, non-chemical solution for your hard water problems. The Hydrochanger is Eco-Friendly virtually maintenance free and comes with a 10 Year Ltd. Warranty

The Hydrochanger water conditioner works to dissolve existing scale, and eliminate or significantly reduce the formation of new scale, reduce hard water spotting, and reduce soap and detergent usage. Evaporative Coolers, Mister Systems, Foggers, and virtually any other device or system that utilizes and comes into contact with water, are applications that can benefit from longer equipment life, and less maintenance.

  • It’s great for pools, koi ponds and fountains! Water is clearer and tastes better!
  • It will clean and rinse your laundry clothes better.
  • It will provide better water for your turf and vegetation by breaking down hardpan soil and increasing percolation into the soil. Harmful salts can be leached deeper into the soil and plants are able to thrive and grow in soil with higher salt concentrations.
  • Depending on your initial water condition, reductions in water usage of 20 – 50% on your turf and vegetation have been achieved due to improved percolation and reduced runoff and standing water.

There is no maintenance, no electricity and no service contracts.
For most applications the water’s changes can be considered virtually permanent.
You can expect many years of service. There are no moving parts to wear out. Each system comes with a limited 10-year non-prorated limited warranty. The Hydrochanger water conditioner is a non-sacrificial and non-corrosive unit.