What it does/how it works


Hydrochanger Plus Hydroceramic Water Conditioner

Installation Tips and Instructions

  1. The ½, 1, and 2, inch water conditioners and the Pool/Spa water conditioner units can be installed vertically or horizontally. If possible, when installed vertically, position the unit with the flow arrow down, although not required.
  2. We recommend the use of threaded unions for easy removal, inspection and cleaning (when and if needed). If debris or film contaminates the unit, it can be removed and back flushed to clear sand and debris. If silt and film have covered the media, a mixture of two parts water and one part white vinegar poured into the unit for a minute or two and then flushed out will clear the surfaces of the media and restore the functionality of the conditioner.
  3. Make sure the unit is installed downstream (after) the water meter and any back back-flow devices. If water pressure exceeds 125 psi, install a pressure regulator upstream from the conditioner.
  4. Where applicable, install the conditioner inside an irrigation control box and use insulation around the conditioner to protect against freezing.
  5. Install the conditioner using a bypass and ball valve to give the option of directing the water flow around the conditioner unit where applications may require periodic larger water flows.
  1. Clear the water line upstream of the conditioner of any dirt or debris before the water is turned on. Where the conditioner is being installed on a well, use of a filter housing and a cartridge or filter bag to filter at least 50 micron sized particles or larger, is required.
  2. Where a water heater or boiler is involved, weekly and then monthly draining (Four cycles of 30 seconds draining and 30 seconds shut off in a 5 minute period) should be performed to clear the scale build up loosened by the Hydrochanger Plus ® Unit.
  3. Important: Hydrochanger Plus ® Hydroceramic Catalytic Water Conditioners are not to be used alone in a drinking water source that is biologically unsafe or that has an inadequate disinfecting system.

For additional information or for answers to your questions regarding installation, please contact your local distributor or Hydrochanger, LLC.

Pictured Above Hydrochanger Plus 1 inch/ ¾ inch PVC unit  HSC HP 0075/0100
Pictured Above Hydrochanger Plus 1 inch/ ¾ inch PVC unit HSC HP 0075/0100

The Hydrochanger is an inline catalytic water conditioner. It is neither a “water softener” nor a “water filter”. It can improve the condition of water for your entire property. The Hydrochanger Catalytic Water Conditioner is the natural, non-chemical solution for your hard water problems. The Hydrochanger is Eco-Friendly virtually maintenance free and comes with a 10 Year Ltd. Warranty