Gary Felix – Jerome, AZ

I have had a Hydrochanger installed on my house for over 4 years. It has improved the taste of our hard water and even coffee and tea, while keeping scale off my fixtures. I use less soap and detergent than before and my water doesn’t have the slimy feeling you get with salt softeners. All of my plants inside and outside have accelerated in growth and are very healthy with no yellow leaves or tip burn. I have been very satisfied with the Hydrochanger water conditioner and would recommend it to anybody.


Kent Hems – Maintenance Operations Director Imperial Education District – El Centro, CA

The Hydrochanger has been on our property for 3 years. We have hard and salty soil plus hard water in our district. The Hydrochanger has eliminated standing water and increased the percolation into the soil while eliminating tip burn on our plants. The Hydrochanger has kept scale out of pipes and fixtures. We are very satisfied with the Hydrochanger product.


Don Howard – Fire Chief – Summit Fire District – Flagstaff Fire District

We have found the Hydrochanger to be an effective tool on our fire station. We have very hard water and I was very pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness on our fixtures and pipes and preventing scale. It has improved a taste of our drinking water plus coffee and tea. We are one of the leaders in the state in the use of Class A and Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS). We have noticed in our tests that the water used in conjunction with Class A Foam Systems produces a better product for us through the Hydrochanger’s ability to reduce the surface tension of the water. This provides us with a fire stream that is more effective and efficient. You have developed a product that is ahead of its time. We would highly recommend a Hydrochanger to anyone.


C. McCabe – Phoenix, AZ

I purchased a Hydrochanger on the advice of my plumber when I had my house built in 2007 and it is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It’s now 10 years old and still working and I mean no scale or build up on anything and I’ve never had to change the water in my swimming pool either! It’s refreshing to buy a product that does exactly as promised.


J. Hatch – Phoenix, AZ

I bought a Hydrochanger because my evaporative coolers were always getting all built up with calcium deposits.  Not anymore now that I have a Hydrochanger installed.  What a difference