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The following are water savings numbers on residential homes and properties using a Hydrochanger ®, LLC Water Conditioning System versus salt softeners and regeneration systems.

Example – a family of 3 living in a 2000 – 2500 sq. ft. house using a national average of 350 – 400 gallons of water per day per family. The house is on a 9000 sq. ft. lot with landscaping consisting of 1000 sq. ft. of grass and mixed use of xeriscaping. Salt softener and regeneration systems will purge hazardous brine water of 150 – 200 gallons per week. The average salt softener will use 3 – 5 bags of salt per month. The salt softened water should not be consumed and it cannot be used on turf and vegetation. The Hydrochanger system does not purge any water and has no maintenance. This system is beneficial to the landscape and will increase percolation into the soil and also buffers the salts in the soil. Increased percolation will result in an approximate 30% - 50% water savings. 70% of the daily home water consumption is on the exterior landscape in warmer months. By removing the salt softener and using a Hydrochanger system, this home will save approximately 15,000 – 17,000 gallons of water per year. The Hydrochanger will also remove and prevent scale from forming in pipes, appliances and all water related fixtures. These figures are approximate averages as water consumption varies with each house and family.



Most commercial salt softeners, depending on the application and model, will be purging 1000 – 2500 gallons of hazardous brine per day. They will use an average of 10 – 17 bags of salt or potassium per week. As in residential softeners, commercial softeners will add scale to the water fixtures and piping infrastructure. The Hydrochanger non-chemical water conditioner will eliminate and prevent scale while wasting no water and having no maintenance.

Agriculture and Golf Courses

Most of the golf courses in AZ use large amounts of water per day. Golf courses will average (depending on the size of the course) from 600,000 gallons per day to over 1 million gallons of water per day. The reclaimed water used by golf courses is water savings except it carries huge amounts of sodium and chloride levels that are detrimental to the turf. The reclaimed water can burn the turf and will increase compaction of the soil. The Hydrochanger system increases the penetration into compacted soil by having a negative charge that repels calcium and sodium ions in the soil. Once increased percolation takes place and more water is getting into the root zones, the amount of water used can be cut back. The Hydrochanger water buffers the salts in the soil which helps improve crop and turf growth. A 20% reduction in water use can be achieved using the Hydrochanger on soil applications within a years’ period of time. This will also decrease the use of chemicals and fertilizers.


The Hydrochanger system can provide significant amounts of water savings replacing salt and potassium softeners on the soils of golf, agriculture, residential and commercial applications. The green and clean water technology provided by the Hydrochanger system should be a major component of utilizing Arizona’s finite resource — WATER.